Deeper Employee Insights

The argument that people are an organisation’s most valuable asset is well understood, and yet even in those organisations where intellectual capital is most highly prized, they still miss opportunities to understand employee motivations and retain their key people.
We help leading organisations to gain deeper insights through inductive interviews. Our approach is not about surveys or covert monitoring. Instead we seek to find out how people feel and experience their work, their motivations, relationships, the ups and the downs, and how this fits in with their whole life picture – it is about their work-life quality.
There has never been a more crucial time for organisations to listen and engage with their employees. The brightest and the best have myriad choices about how and where they use their talents. There are seismic shifts in how people view the way in which their work intersects with other life choices, and these must inform the way organisations attract and retain their most valuable assets. Read our Case Studies.


Listening to Understand

Our approach is inductive, drawing upon both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We conduct semi-structured interviews to actively listen to what your employees are saying and use specific research tools to analyse the interviews, thus enabling us to highlight key themes from the process. Our researchers are trained to work with emotions and feelings that are sometimes under the surface, almost certainly not reachable through surveys. This emotional excavation process often provides the richest data about motivation and engagement.
If understanding your people is important to you, then talk to us and we will show you how listening can enable a deeper level of understanding, that will improve the retention of your most talented people. Read more about our approach to organisational research.